About Austin

Form, light, color, texture, tension, balance, space, focal point, scale, pattern.  As a landscape designer and contractor, these are concepts that guide me in creating a landscape. They are also concepts that guide me while capturing one in a photograph.

Of course there are stark differences between the practices- one is meant to be experienced through both space and time, while the other is fixed in both regards. But I've found landscape photography to be a logical extension of landscape design, with a chance to spend time in and highlight the creations of nature.

In my photos I try to capture the beauty of the coast, redwood forests, oak woodlands, rolling grasslands, streams, estuaries and wetlands of Sonoma and  Marin counties of California, typically while hiking or in a kayak.

About Austin Parnow Landscape Design

After graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Landscape Architecture in 2004, Austin returned to Sonoma County and has been in the landscape trade ever since. Over 18 years of working in a landscape design-build setting has informed his designs, offering an opportunity to observe which plants and materials withstand the test of time. Designer for several award-winning jobs presented by the California Landscape Contractors Association, North Bay Chapter, including awards in Sustainable Landscaping and Special Effects.


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