LEADING LINES - Thoughts on Landscape design and photography

  1. Gary Dwyer

    2022-11-05 18:15:41 UTC
    At Cal Poly, I had some inspirational professors. Omar Faruque was both a landscape architect and an architect, designed his own font, and his teenage children went to college alongside us. Joseph Ragsdale was young and could connect with students, had worked on some impressive projects and he quickly became…

  2. Color in the Landscape

    2022-10-28 05:35:04 UTC
    Flower color evolved to fulfill a very specific purpose- to catch the eye of winged pollinators. These butterflies and moths, bees and wasps, beetles, flies, bats and birds all see the colors and know that nectar can be found inside, and in return the animals spread pollen so that the…

  3. Focal Point in Landscape Composition

    2022-07-25 20:08:24 UTC
    One of the things that drew me to landscape architecture, rather than say architecture, is the organic form. Nature’s designs always appealed to me more than man’s. But when massed together in a forest or a garden, all of those organic forms can become a bit of a jumble, and…

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